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Why Hire Federal Sentencing Alliance?


Because you only provide your clients with the best quality federal mitigation and legal technical work product achievable. That's why.


Our team of federal sentencing mitigation specialists and legal writing professionals working in tandem on your federal case project will ensure that you have all these matters completely covered timely and competently. This is all we do and we stand behind our work product and your satisfaction with FSA work product.


These are the processes we employ:

Ask FSA To Send You A Sample Work Product

FSA wants to earn your business and to develop a continuing professional relationship with you and your law firm. The best way to know up front that FSA's work product will meet or exceed your expectations is to review a writing sample of a similar legal work product already produced.


FSAs unique think tank federal sentencing mitigation assessment, mitigation documentation compilation, strategy and technical legal writing national team approach is what we do as a full service for attorneys located anywhere in the United States. FSA only works for attorneys and law firms.


Send us an email requesting a writing sample and one will be gladly emailed to you.

FSA job assignment and work product remains in progress until it is finally approved by FSA's supervisory team and attorney clients.


FSAs Mission Statement means that you can rest assured that you will not find a better third party federal sentencing mitigation expert and legal technical writing team anywhere in the United States. We do it all for you so that you don't have to, freeing up your time for more profitable, or other urgent matters.

  • All federal sentencing mitigation issues will be identified expeditiously from client and relevant third party interviews, in conjunction with a review of the case file on Pacer

  • All recommended mitigation documents and data collection will be assembled expeditiously, including USSC raw datafiles, as needed

  • Any recommended third party testing will be recommended, if appropriate, expeditiously

  • Two FSA team members are assigned to every assignment for peer review, information sharing, and brainstorming activities

  • Weekly FSA management review of all team member progress and all attorney client assignments

  • All potential variance and departure grounds identified and documented together with relevant caselaw supporting these grounds, with a focus on identifying caselaw from your particular federal Circuit-to the extent possible

  • Weekly progress reports communicated to FSA attorney clients by FSA supervisory personnel

  • Early assessment of potential aggravating factors and arguments why those aggravators should not be applicable, based on past experiences and probation department protocol

  • Initial contact and continued liaison with the federal probation officer assigned to the case through sentencing

  • Weekly bullet point outlines specific to FSA's attorney clients assignments highlighting course of the assignment, progress to completion, and expected completion date, specific to the Service Plan Assignment selected

  • Exhaustive application of 3553a factors to the case, including a complete history of changes to sentencing guidelines range from 1986 to the present for all relevant charges, including the basis for those changes if any

  • Professional technical legal document drafted for your final edit and conformed for your signature(s)

  • Appendices prepared in PDF for mitigation corroborating documentation referenced in the legal document drafted, as indexed, paginated and bookmarked

  • Appendices prepared in PDF for all caselaw, treatises, sentencing commission, and other third party sources, referenced in the legal document drafted

  • Follow up for required edits following FSA's attorney client review

  • Follow up for new or additional information that derives prior to sentencing that affects FSA's work product

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