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Our Resources

Federal Sentencing Alliance Utilizes These Informational Database Vendors And Investigative Tools Online To Meet The Needs Of Any Legal Writing Assignment, And/Or Online Investigative Research Assignment


  • Federal Sentencing Commission Resources

  • Federal Public Defender Resources Publicly Available

  • All Federal Sentencing Public Database Resources Online

  • All Federal And All State Websites, For Current Laws, Historical Laws,

  • Regulations For Technical Compliance And Local Rules

  • Comprehensive Investigative Reports, As Needed

  • All Clerk Of Court Online Document Search Websites

  • All County Online Document Search Websites

  • All Internet Based Web Research Specific To The Legal Assignment

  • All Common Law Research Materials, As Needed

  • Various Online Investigative Tools From Various Third Party Vendors

  • Data Transfer Tools, including: and

  • And many others..


Federal Sentencing Alliance Utilizes All Necessary Public Third Party Database Resources, Legal Research Database Vendors, Data Transfer Vendors, And Investigative Tool Vendors, To Ensure Complete Legal Research Specific To Your Legal Writing Assignment. You Would Be Surprised How Many There Are In The Toolbox.

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