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Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement
Your Success In Court!

FSA prides itself with consistently producing thorough, timely, and quality technical legal writing work product, for attorney clients only, second to none in the federal sentencing expert and federal mitigation specialist industry. Most final draft substantive legal documents written by FSA professionals for FSA attorney clients are filed by those attorneys with no major edits. These are not rote filings, but substantive technical mitigation packages, PSR responses, and sentencing memoranda or sentencing submissions, drafted specifically for you on behalf of your clients. These documents are written just the way you would write them, with attention to technical factual detail, and the application of current case law from multiple databases to the specific facts of your case, with emphasis on caselaw from your Federal Circuit.


FSA and its nationally based team of mitigation specialists and legal technical writers strives to produce only the best achievable legal work product obtainable from any third party source producing similar work product. No exceptions.


FSA team members do not just write, but write in anticipation of your win in court arguing the legal documents written for you on behalf of your clients.


Your win is also our win!


Your success in Court is our ultimate Mission Statement!


Replete With Other Litigation And Legal Projects Vying For Your Limited Time And Urgent Attention


FSA team professionals will competently complete any Federal Sentencing Plan Assignment from a remote location-delivered to any United States based attorney or law firm in a timely manner.


If you are an attorney or law firm representative, please call or email requesting a no obligation free consultation to discuss any federal sentencing mitigation or technical legal writing issue that you may have. FSA is here 24/7 to assist you whenever you need us.

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