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FSA Federal Sentencing Alliance headquartered in Florida, is a national consortium of federal sentencing mitigation specialists, federal sentencing legal writers, and supervisory members, that works directly with individual attorneys and law firms based in the United States for all federal sentencing assignments. FSA has various Service Plans to suit your needs.


FSA specializes in federal plea agreement assessment (pre or post signing), extensive federal sentencing mitigation investigation and documentation, probation department liaison, and all related federal sentencing document drafting, conformed for your final edit, including: the pre-PSR Mitigation Package, the Response To Pre-Sentence Report, the Federal Sentencing Memorandum, and all Appendices for these filings, together with all caselaw and documentary references cited.


FSA offers complete federal pre sentencing mitigation investigation services simultaneously with federal sentencing document drafting services for all federal criminal cases nationwide at all stages of the prosecution.

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